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NSL First Division

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Game times are between 7:00pm and 11:00pm - announced the previous week
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Week Day Date Field Time Opponent Result Scoring
1 Fri. Nov. 28 North 8:45 Zaglebie SC W 3-1 Whipple (unassisted)
Whipple (Morote)
Morote (Steib, Whipple)
2 Fri. Dec. 5 North 7:00 HNNK Hrvat B W 4-1 Diak (Lopez)
Melendrez (Steib)
Melendrez (Steib, Morote)
Guzman (Whipple, Lopez)
3 Fri. Dec. 12 North 11:00 Capitol Czarni Jaslo W 1-0 Eckerle (Steib)
4 Sun. Dec. 14 North 7:30 West Bosnia W 5-1 Carroll (Steib)
Bludgen (Melendrez, Steib)
Olszta (Carroll)
Steib (Bludgen, Eckerle)
Eckerle (Steib, Bludgen)
5 Fri. Dec. 19 North 9:00 Albanian Stars B W 7-0 Bludgen (Colwell, Wicyk)
Melendrez (Steib, Rizzo)
Eckerle (Steib, Melendrez)
Melendrez (Bludgen, Eckerle)
Morote (Olszta)
Melendrez (Whipple, Steib)
Guzman (Morote)
  Fri. Dec. 26 No games
6 Fri. Jan. 2 North 9:00 CD Taximaroa W 3-1 Whipple (Eckerle, Steib)
Melendrez (Drake)
Melendrez (Drake, Eckerle)
7 Fri. Jan. 9 North 8:20 Deportivo Colomex W 7-2 Guzman (Bludgen)
Palutsis (Whipple)
Eckerle (Melendrez)
Eckerle (Melendrez)
Bludgen (Melendrez, Eckerle)
Melendrez (Eckerle)
Guzman (Diak)
8 Fri. Jan. 16 South 7:00 Real Independiente W 4-1 Melendrez (unassisted)
Melendrez (unassisted)
Melendrez (Carroll)
Whipple (Melendrez, Mandakas)
9 Fri. Jan. 23 North 10:20 Zaglebie SC W 3-1 Melendrez (Whipple)
Palutsis (Whipple, Bludgen)
Steib (Melendrez)
10 Fri. Jan. 30 North 7:40 CKS Warta B W 6-3 Whipple (Bludgen, Melendrez)
Bludgen (Steib)
Melendrez (un)
Bludgen (Carroll)
Whipple (Carroll)
Guzman (Bludgen, Reinheimer)
11 Fri. Feb. 6 North 10:20 HNNK Hrvat B W 4-3 Mandakas (Bludgen)
Melendrez (Palutsis, Whipple)
Steib (Padilla)
Steib (Palutsis)
12 Fri. Feb. 13 North 9:00 West Bosnia W 3-2 Steib (unassisted)
Padilla (Whipple, Palutsis)
Steib (Carroll)
  Fri. Feb. 20 No games - Cup of Nations
13 Fri. Feb. 27 North 8:20 Jahbat FC W 3-1 Bludgen (Guzman, Mandakas)
Whipple (Steib, Padilla)
Safford (Reinheimer, Drake)
14 Fri. Mar. 6 North 7:40 Albanian Stars B W 7-0 Steib (Rizzo)
Padilla (Steib, Rizzo)
Padilla (Mandakas)
Whipple (Steib)
Guzman (Padilla, Diak)
Guzman (Padilla, Godinez)
Guzman (Bludgen, Padilla)
15 Fri. Mar. 13 North 7:00 Stal Mielac W 3-2 Mandakas (Whipple, Guzman)
Mandakas (Steib)
Mandakas (Whipple)
16 Fri. Mar. 20 North 8:20 Real Independiente W 2-1 Steib (Melendrez)
Whipple (Steib)
Playoffs Sun. Mar. 22     CKS Warta B L 0-4  

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