Oak Park Tricycles


Wednesday Odeum House League

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Third place
GF: 79 GA: 37

Schedule & Results

Date Time Opponent Result Scoring
April 14 9:40 Exotic Coach W 7-0 Wicyk (Cooper)
Dominowski (Cozza)
Wicyk (unassisted)
Wendt (Dominowski, Wicyk)
Richards (unassisted)
Wicyk (Dominowski, Sieracki)
Sieracki (Wicyk)
April 21 No Game
April 28 7:40 The Knife W 4-1 Richards (Wicyk)
Wicyk (Wendt, Smith)
Wicyk (Wendt, Dominowski)
Smith (Rossi)
May 5 7:40 Strange Brew L 1-3 Wendt (Wicyk)
May 12 9:40 Inter FC L 1-2 Wicyk (unassisted)
May 19 7:40 The Kobs W 4-2 Dominowski (Wicyk)
Smith (Rossi)
Dominowski (Colwell, Cooper)
Dominowski (Sieracki, Wendt)
May 26 8:20 ATA L 4-5 Carroll (Smith)
Wicyk (unassisted)
Cozza (Dominowski)
Carroll (unassisted)
June 2 7:40 Surfin Dogs W 4-1 Wicyk (unassisted)
Castro (Cozza)
Wicyk (Wendt)
Sieracki (Cozza)
June 9 9:00 Black Eagles W 4-2 Sahinoglu (Dominowski)
Rossi (Castro)
Rossi (Smith)
Castro (Sahinoglu, Yesko)
June 16 7:00 Stunners W 3-2 Smith (Castro, Kahriman)
Wicyk (unassisted)
Dominowski (Wicyk, Sahinoglu)
June 23 7:00 Exotic Coach W 8-3

Castro (OG)
Steib (Wicyk)
Wicyk (Castro)
Smith (Sieracki)
Castro (Dominowski, Smith)
Cooper (Steib, Castro)
Dominowski (Wicyk, Colwell)
Steib (Cooper)

June 30 7:40 The Knife W 3-0 Castro (unassisted)
Richards (Dominowski)
Cozza (Sahinoglu)
July 7 7:40 Strange Brew W 4-1 Richards (unassisted)
Castro (Wicyk)
Dominowski (Smith, Rossi)
Wicyk (Castro)
July 14 8:20 ATA L 2-4 Wicyk (Steib)
Smith (Castro)
July 21 NO GAME
July 28 9:00 Inter FC W 4-1 Castro (Brown)
Wicyk (unassisted)
Sahinoglu (unassisted)
Brown (Sahinoglu)
August 4 7:40 Stunners T 2-2 Dominowski (Wicyk)
Castro (Sahinoglu)
August 11 9:40 Black Eagles W 6-3 Cozza (Castro)
Sieracki (Castro, Cozza)
Cozza (unassisted)
Rossi (Cozza)
Cozza (Wicyk, Brown)
Efe (Brown)
August 18 7:00 Surfin Dogs W 5-1 Wicyk (Dominowski)
Sahinoglu (Wicyk)
Wicyk (Sahinoglu)
Sahinoglu (unassisted)
Dominowski (Whipple, Wicyk)
August 25 7:40 The Kobs w 9-0 Wicyk (Richards)
Ramirez (Dominowski)
Cozza (Brown)
Smith (Castro)
Wicyk (Smith, Dominowski)
Wicyk (Ramirez)
Richards (Ramirez)
Smith (unassisted)
Castro (Brown)
September 1 - Playoffs 9:00 Inter FC L 3-4 Cozza (unknown)
Sahinoglu (unknown)
Cozza (unknown)
September 9 - Playoffs 8:20 The Knife W 1-0 Sahinoglu (unassisted)

All games played at The Odeum South field.
Post-game sponsor: Fitz's.


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