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Monday Over 35

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Schedule & Results

Date Time Opponent Result Scoring
Nov. 22 9:30 Asteras Tripolis W 4-0 K. Whipple (Richards, Safford)
Brown (Dominowski)
Dominowski (Yesko)
Dominowski (Brown, Verver)
Nov. 29 8:50 Jak's Stars L 4-5 Richards (K. Whipple)
Jacobs (Steib)
Steib (PK)
Dominowski (Steib, K. Whipple)
Dec. 6 9:30 Torino L 4-8 Dominowski (Richards)
Dominowski (Steib)
Forbes (Cooper)
Steib (Verver)
Dec. 13 8:50 Inter FC W 7-6 Dominowski (G. Whipple)
Dominowski (K. Whipple, Richards)
G. Whipple (Brown, Dominowski)
Spapperi (Brown)
Richards (unassisted)
K. Whipple (Dominowski, Brown)
Dominowski (G. Whipple, K. Whipple)
Dec. 20 9:30 Okraina L 3-4 Dominowski (Brown)
Brown (Sieracki)
Safford (Dominowski, Cooper)
Dec. 27 8:50 Black Eagles W 4-2 Richards (unassisted)
Smith (TBD)
Rizzo (unassisted)
Dominowski (Smith)
Jan. 3 9:30 Hellenic United L 2-3 Brown (Richards)
Dominowski (Brown, Rizzo)
Jan. 10 7:30 Asteras Tripolis W 4-3 Verver (Dominowski, Whipple)
Jacobs (Whipple)
Dominowski (Cooper)
Rizzo (Dominowski, Safford)
Jan. 17 9:30 Inter FC L 1-6 Own goal
Jan. 24 - Playoffs 9:30 Black Eagles W 4-3 Brown (Smith)
Rizzo (Verver)
Cooper (Rizzo)
Rizzo (Spapperi)

All games played at The Odeum.
Post-game sponsor: Fitz's.

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