Oak Park Tricycles


Wednesday Indoor Open

Game Schedule & Results | Roster & Stats
Date Time Opponent Result Scoring
May 1 8:10 Strange Brew W 5-1 Wicyk (unassisted)
Porter (unknown)
Thomas (Dominowski)
Wicyk (Porter)
Wicyk (Richards, Dominowski)
May 8 8:10 The Knife W 3-2 Rossi (unassisted)
Wicyk (Porter)
Wicyk (Johnson)
May 15 9:30 Stunners W 9-2

Porter (Wicyk)
Porter (Dominowski)
Del Aguila (Wicyk)
Wicyk (Dominowski, Ewan)
Richards (Del Aguila)
Ewan (Del Aguila, Porter)
Porter (unassisted)
Porter (Del Aguila, Ewan)

May 22 8:50 FC Tryzub L 3-4

Ewan (Wicyk)
Mandakas (Porter)
Mandakas (unknown)

May 29 9:30  ATA L 3-4

Wicyk (Cooper)
Porter (Wicyk)
Wendt (Del Aguila, Porter)

June 5 8:10 Torino FC W 4-3

Wicyk (Mandakas)
Wicyk (Richards)
Wicyk (Del Aguila, Rossi)
Wicyk (Dominowski, Mandakas)

June 12 8:50 Albania FC T 5-5 Porter (Mandakas)
Porter (unknown)
Del Aguila (Rossi)
Porter (unassisted)
Porter (Rossi)
June 19 8:10 Strange Brew L 4-7 Porter (Mandakas)
Richards (FK)
Dominowski (Mandakas, Porter)
Porter (Wicyk)
June 26 8:10 The Knife W 7-5 Del Aguila (Tworek)
Porter (Wendt)
Porter (unknown)
Dominowski (Rossi, Richards)
Del Aguila (unassisted)
Del Aguila (unknown)
Porter (Wicyk, Summerville)
July 3 No soccer
July 10 8:10 Stunners W 6-1 Mandakas (Tworek)
Campagna (Del Aguila)
Richards (Campagna)
Campagna (unassisted)
Wicyk (Mandakas)
Campagna (Richards, Summerville)
July 17 8:10 FC Tryzub W 5-1 Richards (Wicyk)
Rossi (Wicyk)
Sahinoglu (Wicyk, Dominowski)
Sahinoglu (Wicyk, Summerville)
Wicyk (Parreno)
July 24 9:30 ATA L 2-5 Mandakas (Cooper)
Sahinoglu (Porter)
July 31 8:10 Torino FC W 14-1 Campagna (Cozza)
Parreno (unassisted)
Cozza (Parreno, Summerville)
Wicyk (Campagna)
Wicyk ((unassisted)
Del Aguila (Wicyk)
Campagna (Wicyk)
Del Aguila (Cozza, Sahinoglu)
Sahinoglu (Del Aguila)
Sahinoglu (Tworek)
Dominowski (Summerville)
Thomas (Summerville)
Campagna (Sahinoglu, Summerville)
Del Aguila (Sahinoglu)
Aug 7 8:50 Albania FC T 2-2 Dominowski (Tworek)
Davis (Kovas, Summerville)
Aug 14 NO GAME
Aug 21 8:10 Strange Brew L 0-3 -
Aug 28 8:10 The Knife T 4-4 Tworek (Dominowski)
Richards (Dominowski)
Parreno (Sahinoglu)
Sahinoglu (Thomas, Tworek)
Sep 4 9:30 Stunners W 9-3 Sahinoglu (Richards, Dominowski)
Del Aguila (Sahinoglu, Cozza)
Sahinoglu (Steib, Dominowski)
Sahinoglu (Kahriman)
Summerville (Tworek, Sahinoglu)
Sahinoglu (Del Aguila)
Cozza (Sahinoglu)
Tworek (unassisted)
Steib (Sahinoglu, Dominowski)
Sep 11 8:10 FC Tryzub W 3-1 Mandakas (Tworek, Summerville)
Sahinoglu (Richards, Wicyk)
Del Aguila (Mandakas)
Sep 18
9:30 FC Tryzub W  
Sep 25
8:50 ATA    

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