Oak Park Tricycles

Winter 2015-16 Practice Schedule and Information

Day Date Time Location
Wednesday March 2 9:00-10:30pm

Odeum North

Wednesday March 9 9:00-10:30pm Odeum North
Wednesday March 16 9:00-10:30pm Odeum North

All players must bring a WHITE shirt and a GREEN shirt  to March practices, and please bring a properly inflated size 5 ball if possible. Also, shinguards are required to participate. Our paid, expensive turf rentals begin at the times listed, so please make sure you arrive early enough to be ready to go at the appointed time.

Beginning Wednesday, December 2 and continuing through the 17-week NSL season, we will practice on Wednesday nights at The Odeum, and a detailed monthly practice schedule will be available here. 

NSL games are played on Friday nights through March, 2015, with starting times as early as 7:00pm and as late as 11:00pm, and each week's game times are not known until the preceding week.

Andy Dominowski